Hyacinth Av bridge from Interurban Rd, July 2013
Photo by M. Konopasek
Used with permission.


Current Rezoning and Development

For projects currently being considered by the District of Saanich in the RASVMG's area of interest, please click here for information.


Information for Developers
March 3rd, 2018 | Posted by RASVMG Secretary

The RASVMG is committed to working with all stakeholders in rezoning and development projects within our area. The following details the information that the RASVMG commonly seeks regarding projects being considered for the area:

  • • A detailed site map for the proposed development/rezoning area.
  • • Information on the current and proposed new zoning type(s).
  • • Description of how the community is to be informed of the proposed work, including meeting dates, canvassing, etc.
  • • Schedules for timing of applications to the District of Saanich and proposed development.
  • • Applicable tree and/or environmental surveys.
  • • Description of requested variances and covenants being offered.
  • • Details on any variation between the proposals and the official community plan.

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Who We Are

The RASVMG is composed entirely of volunteer members of the community. Current members of the RASVMG executive are:

  • President/Secretary - Hollis Hodson
  • VP/Treasurer - Davic Baanstra
  • Director - Jeff Howard
  • Director - Paul Hodson

Mision and Vision

The RASVMG was incorporated in April 2011, and is dedicated to both furthering the interests of &  promoting a high quality of life for residents of the areas known as Strawberry Vale, Marigold and Glanford (which is defined as the area shown here).